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Duracell Powerstation

Power 300 + 100w Solar Panel

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  • NEWLY LAUNCHED! Get access to portable power with this bundle featuring our Power Station 300 and the 100W solar panel, ideal for power outages, emergency preparedness kits or your next off-grid adventure
  • Work from anywhere, power your electronics and stay safe and connected during storm season with the Power Station 300, offering 300W backup power to make your life easier
  • Set up a self-reliant solar generator system with ease by pairing the 300W portable power station with Duracell's foldable 100W solar panel that recharges your Power 300 in 4-5 hours
  • Comes with the 300-watt Duracell Portable Power Station, 1x wall charger, 1x car charger and 1x quick start guide; Includes 1x 100W solar panel, 1x quick start guide, 1x adapter and a carry case
  • We are an employee-owned company focused on the design and manufacture of high-quality power products, bringing over 30 years of power-related experience to everything we make

Shipping & Returns

> Free Standard Shipping in the US!

> Due to DOT shipping requirements for lithium-ion batteries exceeding 300 watt hours, the Power 1000 may not be returned.

Care Instructions

When not in use, store in a cool and well ventilated environment away from water, heat, and flammable gasses. 

User Manual