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Duracell Powerstation

100 Watt Solar Panels

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Duracell 100W Solar Panel for Outdoor Adventures, High Conversion Efficiency, Durable and Foldable.

Harness the sun's rays to make any destination feel like home. This Duracell 100W Solar Panel converts sunlight into electricity. Pair with a Duracell Power Station (sold separately) to access off-grid power that helps you charge your devices and use lights and small appliances. An integrated kickback stand helps you position the panel optimally to capture sunlight, also offering easy assembly. Our lightweight and foldable solar panel offers easy portability, perfect to bring with you on your next outdoor trip.


  • Power your outdoor adventures with the Duracell solar panel that helps you access sustainable, portable power anywhere you go; Box comes with 100W solar panel ×1, quick start guide ×1 and adapter cable ×1
  • US-made monocrystalline silicon cells deliver conversion efficiency of 22%; Pair with a Duracell Power Station (sold separately) to charge devices and enjoy lighting and entertainment - anytime, anywhere
  • Experience the convenience of home no matter where you are with our lightweight and foldable solar panel; Enjoy off-grid power for camping, van adventures, cabin living, picnics or backyard fun
  • Simple, plug & play installation; Just unfold, connect to the Duracell Power Station and point at the sun to tap into clean and reliable power; Kickstand included for easy, quick assembly
  • We are an employee-owned company focused on the design and manufacture of high-quality power products, bringing over 30 years of power-related experience to everything we make

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Care Instructions

When not in use, store in a cool and well ventilated environment away from water, heat, and flammable gasses.